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Telebehavioral Health

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Alleviant Rogers operates with a staff that specializes in treating clients struggling with treatment-resistant issues, such as chronic pain or anxiety disorders. We are also telemental health providers in that we provide mental health services online to clients that may prefer it or have no choice but to avail of it.

telebehavioral health services

Telemental health and telebehavioral health — synonymous terms for some but slightly different in definition — are both parts of online therapy, which is a growing trend. Covid-19 precautions have increased the use of the internet in many fields. In the medical field, it’s common for a therapist to provide counseling and support through video conferencing or even a phone call. Searching for telepsychiatry services in Rogers, Arkansas? Reach out to Alleviant Rogers today by calling 479.309.1427 or contacting our team online.

What Are Telebehavioral Health Services?

Telebehavioral health services are often called online mental health treatment. It is also sometimes called telepsychiatry or telepsychology. Telebehavioral health provides behavioral and mental health assessments, diagnoses, and treatment through telecommunications, video conferencing technology, or any other approach that makes it possible for mental health professionals and their clients to meet despite a physical distance between them.

Studies suggest that services like this can be effective in the behavioral health or mental health treatment of many clients, including — but not limited to — those who struggle with anxiety disorders, attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), depression disorders, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Why Is Access To Online Mental Health Treatment Essential for Public Health?

At its pandemic peak, telepsychiatry or telehealth services represented about 40% of outpatient mental health and substance use treatment visits. The adoption of telehealth in your location varies based on the population’s health needs, their readiness and ability to adopt the technology, and the restrictions or incentives they face from both payers and providers. 

However, online mental health treatment access is essential for clients living in rural areas. This may be due to these areas having a shortage of local healthcare providers. If the nearest healthcare facility is more than an hour away, for example, a rural resident may prefer not to waste time on the road and avail of telebehavioral health services. There may also be cases where someone in a rural area lives alone, and the client can’t drive themselves to a healthcare facility.

When Should You Consider Telemental Health Providers?

If you are coping with behavioral health problems and can’t find the time or energy to go to a nearby healthcare facility to get assessed, diagnosed, and treated, psychiatry telehealth services may be ideal for your case. 

Because these services are easily accessible online, you can find the right help at the right time. You don’t have to struggle with negative mental health issues alone or deal with prolonged suffering while waiting for a chance to see a clinician face-to-face. Now, there’s no reason not to consider professional help. You don’t need to struggle to find appointment times between work shifts or psych yourself up to go out. You can’t put off going to the doctor because there’s little that can stand between you and online mental health treatment. It’s also more affordable than traditional care.

Telehealth is emerging as an excellent alternative to onsite care. It’s not only as effective — some studies show that it can be even more effective than care clients receive face-to-face. Behavioral health services are no exception.

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