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Anxiety Treatment

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Are you or someone you care about looking for an anxiety treatment center in Rogers, Arkansas? Check out Alleviant Rogers — our staff specializes in providing mental health treatment to clients struggling with treatment-resistant issues, such as chronic pain disorders and anxiety disorders.

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Because many cases of anxiety disorders are resistant to treatment, some people struggling with anxiety end up not seeking professional help or stopping treatment when they don’t feel like it’s working. However, anxiety disorders are the most common mental health problem in American adults, and effective anxiety treatment programs exist. Searching for an anxiety therapy treatment program in Rogers, Arkansas? Reach out to Alleviant Rogers today by calling 479.309.1427 or contacting our team online.

What Is an Anxiety Treatment Program?

As mentioned earlier, effective anxiety treatment programs exist. However, there’s no established cure for anxiety. There are just forms of therapeutic care that can be aimed at reducing the symptoms related to anxiety and assisting clients in getting back to their normal lives. Depending on the specific cause of the anxiety disorder in a case, as well as on the client’s preferences and needs, and anxiety treatment program may include some or all of the following:

  • Behavioral therapy
  • Physical therapy
  • Counseling
  • Medications 

While cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) is the most common type of therapy used in anxiety treatment programs, some programs also include exposure therapy. This form of therapeutic care involves a controlled environment in which clients are slowly exposed to situations that would normally bring up anxiety in them. The purpose of this strategy is to gradually desensitize clients to these triggering situations until their triggers become manageable or even eliminated. In some cases, relaxation techniques — such as acupuncture or breathing exercises — can be combined with more traditional forms of care to alleviate anxiety symptoms.

Prescription medication such as benzodiazepines can also be part of an anxiety treatment program. Drugs like this can help clients relax both mentally and physically. However, unwanted side effects may not be helpful to clients. In general, taking medications should be done only under the guidance and management of medical professionals. 

How Does Anxiety Therapy Work?

At Alleviant Rogers, our anxiety treatment center approaches psychotherapy as a collaborative process. Mental health professionals and clients work together to identify problematic concerns and develop capabilities and skills to cope healthily.

Sometimes, a client’s needs require more than individual therapy sessions. They may also have to participate in group or family therapy sessions. Group psychotherapy typically involves several clients who are all struggling with anxiety disorders.

Family psychotherapy involves close family members, especially those that share a household with the client. Sessions like this can help family members understand their loved one’s anxiety and support them by learning how to interact without reinforcing their loved one’s nervous habits. Family therapy sessions can be particularly helpful for young clients.

When Should You Consider an Anxiety Treatment Center?

No matter what type of anxiety disorder a client has, they can feel trapped in their irrational fears and sense of impending doom. Although everyone experiences anxiety to some degree, not all feel anxious and feel like they’re devoid of hope. It’s time to consider asking for professional help at an anxiety treatment center if anxiety symptoms:

  • Affect your concentration and focus
  • Affect your passion for activities and things previously enjoyed
  • Cause you to have suicidal thoughts
  • Change your sleep patterns
  • Foster in you a sense of self-loathing or a feeling of worthlessness
  • Interfere with your personal or professional relationships
  • Isolate you from others

Anxiety disorders can also lead to problems with physical health, such as chronic pain, digestive issues, or headaches. If you’re experiencing these issues, getting professional help to treat and manage your anxiety disorder is even more important.

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