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Depression Treatment

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If you’re looking for mental health treatment in the form of depression therapy in Rogers, Arkansas, consider checking out Alleviant Rogers. Our staff specializes in providing mental health treatment, especially to clients struggling with chronic pain disorders.

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Have you ever wondered if you should go to the hospital for your depression, particularly if you know it’s being triggered by elements in your life you can’t control — such as chronic pain or debt? Maybe you’ve been thinking of this for a while, but now close friends and family members have expressed concern for your mental health. Searching for a depression treatment program in Rogers, Arkansas? Reach out to Alleviant Rogers today by calling 479.309.1427 or contacting our team online

What Is a Depression Treatment Program?

Unfortunately, our depression treatment center at Alleviant Rogers has no established cure or ideal treatment. Like most other healthcare facilities, our staff assesses and diagnoses clients before recommending treatment that’s customized to their needs. Depression differs from client to client, so a treatment plan that works for one may not work for another.

Fortunately, studies show that depression can be treated and made manageable through a combination of therapeutic forms of care, medications, and some lifestyle changes — such as good nutrition, regular exercise, and stress reduction.

Some of the most effective therapeutic forms of care that help manage depression include psychotherapy, which can be in the form of cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) following an individual or group format. Medication-assisted treatment (MAT) — which can have a client on antidepressants — is usually combined with a schedule of therapy sessions.

How Does Depression Therapy Work?

As mentioned earlier, CBT is an effective form of talk therapy that can be used to treat depression. The core concept of CBT is that a client’s mood is directly related to how they think. CBT teaches clients how to deal with negative thoughts while becoming more aware of negative symptoms and recognizing and then avoiding triggers that make their depression worse. CBT sessions utilize strategies such as the following:

  • Behavioral experiments
  • Guided discovery
  • Imagery
  • Roleplaying
  • Socratic questioning

Short-term depression therapy treatments don’t necessarily work for everyone. Sometimes medication is needed to relieve some depression symptoms, and MAT is involved in a depression treatment plan. Antidepressants bring the imbalanced chemicals in a client’s brain back into balance, which can help relieve symptoms. When starting MAT, a client must give the medication time to work and be open to trying different antidepressants. Many people struggling with depression react positively to some medications but won’t feel any relief in taking others.

When Should You Consider Getting Admitted To a Depression Treatment Center?

A depression therapy treatment center in Rogers, Arkansas, can help you with your mental health if you’re in the area — but if your depression is severe and you’re experiencing self-harm and suicidal ideation, you may benefit more from a hospital setting. 

If you or someone you care about is saying things like “I wish I could just fall asleep and never wake up,” or “I wish I would just die,” go to the nearest emergency room and tell the staff what’s happening. In cases like this, it’s okay to bypass assessment and diagnosis. The goal is to keep you alive and prepare you to transition into a comprehensive depression treatment plan that may involve residential care with 24-hour medical supervision.

Ready To Learn More About Alleviant Rogers’s Depression Treatment Program?

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